Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Old Space

Artists are always on the look out for good real estate. The Brisbane art scene has a healthy community of artists inhabiting un-loved spaces and making them their own.
The Old Space, 62 Abbotsford Road Bowen Hills, inhabits an old warehouse building which is awaiting new development. Filled with resident artists, Matt Malone and his crew have created a Funky ass space to work and exhibit in.
Recently opened to the public for the BARI festival this space and the art in it are well worth checking out.
Above is a piece by resident artist and gallery founder Matt Malone (Don't worry Matt, we still need you).

Make sure you stay tuned for upcoming exhibitions.

Oh yeah....and they have got a crazy machine that blows smoke rings.
All photos taken by raw Brisbane talent Sam Scoufos.
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