Sunday, December 26, 2010

A brisbane storm

As night rolls over... the sky comes alive with lightning and thunder to follow.
Home becomes a safe place to retreat and watch on.
Calm returns as mother natures storm passes and blackness of the night returns, warmed by moonlight.

Friday, October 8, 2010

City Cycle Bikes

photo - 2010 the foto fanatic

And their off and racing!

Bikes have descended upon the city and there are everywhere. Pretty good initiative from the Brisbane City Council. A few more billboard signs equally scattered around town we will have to accept so the bikes stay on the road and are well serviced... we can talk about them another time though, lets enjoy the wind in our hair zipping around town between appointments. It may even make the utilitarian bike helmet a fashion accessory in between journey's.

to ensure a safe ride, read the small print;

be 17 years or older

no riding in lightning storms or fog

after having consumed alcohol

ensure you are fit

and revisit base within 24 hours

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Keys Rocks

Most people experience the Brisbane river while moving along its edge. Whether it is in a rowing scull, a City Cat or cycling, jogging and walking along its banks.There are just a few public places where you are forced to let the river ebb and flow past whilst you stay still. A far more intimate relationship; a place for solitude, romance or mischief.
The end of the Toowong reach's Keys Rocks has a vantage across to Orliegh Park. Just upstream from the former ABC site, a suitable landing place for a Bridge perhaps. It makes sense to place a bridge in a bend of the river at least.
Got to love Skinning Residential.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Asia-Pacific Design Library

Ever developing and evolving as a place of exchange for ideas, thought and cultural activities is the State Library of Queensland (SLQ)! Living up to expectations is the announcement for the opening of the Asia Pacific Design Library - set to be a dynamic and flexible place for those thirsty for all facets of design...

"...The State Library of Queensland, through the Asia Pacific Design Library, aims to develop the best publicly accessible collection of design resources in the Asia Pacific, promoting contemporary thought and analysis on design in the region.

With lectures, exhibitions, research support, studios, publications, events and a strengthened focus on design collections, the State Library will be a hub for design resources and design activity as well as a trusted archive for records of historical and contemporary Queensland design and designers.

Through strengthened investment in design collections, a bespoke Design Lounge, Design On-line and a rich program of design activity the Asia Pacific Design Library will bring a new focus for partnerships amongst leading designers and institutions. Collection development, research support, publications, exhibitions and events will concentrate especially on design of the public realm, digital design, fashion, design of books and products for better living and design – led business and practice."
- about APDL SLQ

Building Churn (+ Burrrpppp)

It doesn't get more obvious than this! Thankfully there are plenty of advocates and a lot of real data teaching 'us' that Building Churn is a bad (not Michael Jackson style 'bad' - unsustainable!) concept!

There is (on the less serious side of the issue) something still quite humurous about this image though - I would have loved to see the demolition drawing, maybe noted like this?.... "remove window, cut wall to floor and push the whole interior fitout through the window"

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Spring Rain...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

TEDx (brisbane)

Who is TED?
Admittedly, I recently thought TED was a guy that did cool presentations and posted them somewhere on the web! Hmmm, not quite, TED is an acronym for 'Technology Entertainment Design', a platform for "Ideas worth spreading". Sounds simple, and it is, but don't underestimate the impact TED is having around the world and the people that are engaging with this platform!

Last night was my first TEDx event. It began at 12.15am with (free and amazing) coffee by the DiBella crew - a great way to start a new relationship - in the home of Pecha Kucha, the Brisbane Powerhouse

This TEDxChange x=independently organised TED event was a live webcast from the Paley Center (pretty sure Batman lives there!) for Media, New York where world leaders are meeting at a summit to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the MDGs (Millennium Development Goals) and accelerate progress toward the 2015 goals.

As everyone, strangers and friends, mingled like an adult sleep over, and just as the caffeine began to fade, like the after affect of a party cake 'sugar come down', brisbane's local hosts Carl Lindgren and Paul Fairweather briefly appeared to introduce the 'webstream' host and curator Chris Anderson - for 90 minutes we were enriched with a succession of incredible (world leading) speakers... Hans Rosling... Melinda French Gates... The Revolutionary Optimists... Bajah + The Dry Eye Crew... Mechi Viravaidya and Grac Machel.

I can't really say much more - put aside 95.48 minutes and watch it here... TEDxCHANGE Webcast

Like a bright moon in the late night sky, lay empty coffee cups after a long day passes by...

Monday, September 20, 2010

Beach Shack

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fortitude Valley Baths

With Summer just around the corner and the temperatures rising, before long a trip to the local pool will be on the Sunday afternoon agenda. If Fortitude Valley Pool is your local, next time you head though the turnstile check out the great detail which the city architect of the time thought appropriate, and I think a wonderful touch!

Although much of the original building has been renovated, extended and changed, the facade remains intact and with it a balcony on axis with James Street. Such detailing of the time and what a great idea to transform the console brackets into Dolphins.

The City Architect was Alfred Herbert Foster who served in this position from 1925 until his death in 1932. Some other buildings designed during his time are the Bandstand in New Farm Park, the Kurilpa Library in West End and the ornate Power Sub-Station on the corner Gregory Terrace and Brunswick Street.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Brisbane Open House

Set aside some time on Saturday 2nd October for the inaugural Brisbane Open House 2010. BOH is the your chance to have exclusive back-of-house access to some of the cities greatest buildings accompanied by some of Brisbane's best architects as your tour guide.

Investigate some of our most historic architecture like Old Government House or Customs House, look behind the scenes at the National Australia Bank on Queen Street or get a birds eye view of town from high above street level in Santos Place or Riparian Plaza. There are many tours buildings to choose from catering for everyone's tastes and style.

BOH is an initiative of the Queensland Government Architect, Philip Follent, with great support from the Brisbane Development Association. This is Brisbane's way of celebrating World Architecture Day, held internationally on the first Monday of October. When else do you get a free-of-charge chance to see and hear the stories behind the architectural and engineering gems of Brisbane.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Best Time Ever

If you are heading north to Woodfordia next weekend to celebrate the 2010 Splendour in the Grass Festival, keep an eye out for the installation Best Time Ever”. This collaboration between Byron Bay based Architect Dominic Finlay-Jones and Sydney artist Lauren Brincat is sure to arouse the imagination. They have conceived and built a towering staircase descending from the heavens, a project made possible by Arts NSW Initiative Splendid.

This large sculptural piece will draw the festival goers in from a distance, marking an important location at the Woodford Site. Up close the Installation will reveal another face, as it will act as a giant sun-dial, with notions dating back to the ancient equinoctial sundial Samrat Yantra at the same latitude North in India.

Cross disciplinary collaborations are becoming a more common occurrence in building projects, with the end product all the more richer for it! As Dominic has said, “As an architect, I find great pleasure in rationalising a crazy idea – of breaking it down, smoothing it out – figuring out how it might actually happen. Best Time Ever is one such big, crazy idea.”

All images Sourced from

Best time Ever - Splendour 2010

Thursday, June 24, 2010




...the final submissions for the ‘Now + When Australian Urbanism’ exhibition

for the Australian Pavilion at this year’s Venice Architecture Biennale. The ‘Now’ element will present six of Australia’s most interesting urban and anti-urban aerial views as they are now, while the ‘When’ element (attached) shows 17 architecture practices’ futuristic urban visions of Australia in 40+ years time.

Given that Australia is one of the most urbanised continents on earth, with 93% of people living in cities, these architectural ideas comment profoundly on urban density and sprawl and will act as a catalyst for debate at the Biennale.

Both ‘Now’ and ‘When’ sections of the exhibition will be shown on a completely new form of 3D stereoscopic technology, beyond that of recent blockbuster movie releases.

The Fear Free City – Justina Karakiewicz, Tom Kvan and Steve Hatzellis

A future city, free from the fear of crime and antisocial behaviour, where many open spaces and all local amenities are within walking distance. Free from commuting, people will enjoy more recreational time. Movement is not limited to ground level, but happens at all levels allowing for extensive views of the city and surrounding country side.

Ocean City – Arup Biomimetics

A new underwater city, Syph, spawned from a rise in interest in biomimetic practices and materials in the advent of climate change. The migration of the Australian population from land to sea because of the sky-rocketing value of disappearing land, provided an opportunity to develop a new cityscape. A collection of specialised organisms function as a whole, with some pods being energy producers, some industrial, and others for sustainable farming and food production.

Island Proposition 2100 (IP2100) – Scott Lloyd, Aaron Roberts (room11) and Katrina Stoll

The Island Proposition 2100 embodies hyper-connectivity, the IP2100 spine contains a system of hybrid infrastructures, which will link future urban centres and their territories. The spine will transport people and goods using magnetic levitation (maglev) technology, carry energy, water and agriculture goods, convert ‘waste’ to resources, and provide living, industrial, and commercial spaces along the network. The linear axis will minimise sprawl and concentrate growth along its route, significantly reducing the time and pollution of current travel.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A castle ruin

A conversation between Ronan, Mr Scott and an old building in Maryborough, read on...

[ Ronan ]

Where do buildings go when they die?

On a site visit to Maryborough recently we discovered a masterpiece. A building of multiple additions clad in layers of corroding corrugated iron fills the landscape like a castle ruin.

Patina - The sheen on any surface, produced by age and use

And they Buy + Sell.

I want one. And so does Michael Scott!

[ Ronan ]

Michael, Any ideas what this building was used for??

[ Michael ]

“Industry! Definitely industry – where fact is stranger than fiction – I love industrial processes expressed in the building form – when the process is stripped out it’s hard to imagine how it worked and why it needed such eccentric architectural expression.”

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Brisbane 1944... mystery photo location?

Attention brisbane history enthusiasts!

We have been sent this intriguing historical photo with the intention of trying to locate where it was taken...

"...I have an old photo of my Dad in 1944 in Brisbane. Can you tell where in Brisbane he is from this photo? Thanks ahead of time. This is genealogical research I am doing. Dad died in August. Any help would be appreciated."

Your contribution would be appreciated! please (comment on this post or) email though to where you think (preferably 99% certain of where) it is.