Thursday, September 2, 2010

Brisbane Open House

Set aside some time on Saturday 2nd October for the inaugural Brisbane Open House 2010. BOH is the your chance to have exclusive back-of-house access to some of the cities greatest buildings accompanied by some of Brisbane's best architects as your tour guide.

Investigate some of our most historic architecture like Old Government House or Customs House, look behind the scenes at the National Australia Bank on Queen Street or get a birds eye view of town from high above street level in Santos Place or Riparian Plaza. There are many tours buildings to choose from catering for everyone's tastes and style.

BOH is an initiative of the Queensland Government Architect, Philip Follent, with great support from the Brisbane Development Association. This is Brisbane's way of celebrating World Architecture Day, held internationally on the first Monday of October. When else do you get a free-of-charge chance to see and hear the stories behind the architectural and engineering gems of Brisbane.

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